Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dear Jane & Christmas

The first of my 'new starts' for this year - the wonderful "Dear Jane" quilt.  Finally, I am putting to good use, the book I purchased way back in 1997, as a birthday present to myself.  It has always been on my bucket list to do, I just didn't think it would take me 19 years to get started on it!  The youngest member of our Dear Jane group mentioned that my book was actually older than her as she wasn't born until 1998....

Late last year, those in my local quilt group, who were interested had a quick chat and it was decided that we would make 4 blocks per month (finish in 2020!).  

Pictured here are the first 4 blocks.  I have decided upon a two colour quilt, but chose a tone-on-tone for my main colour so that the blocks won't look 'flat'.  I have some pieces of liberty fabrics which I have been collecting over time to add in as mini cornerstones or block pieces if necessary.

Now, for a little dose of Christmas - back in August 2015, I stumbled across the pattern Pop of Poinsettia from the website allpeoplequilt.com.  There was no hesitation about downloading and starting this project, I just had to make it, and, of course it was going to be ready for Christmas 2015, wasn't it?  Nope, not even close.

I put the last stitch in the binding on the 25th Feb, so at least it's ready for next Christmas, nice and early.  I had mentioned to my husband that I would give it as a present next Christmas, but he said no, he would like it on our table and that we should keep it.  For someone who has very little to say about my quilting, I think perhaps I should listen :) 


Pat in Tn. said...

Beautiful job. Can u post a link to the pattern. I looked all over for it. If possible. TIA Pat

gudrun said...

Keep it, it's beautiful.

gudrun said...

Keep it, it's beautiful.