Monday, 16 July 2012

At least the Borders are made...

For a few weeks now, Rosie and I have been getting together once a week to sew, with the aim of working through our unfinished projects.  One of mine is huge, by that I mean size, this humongous quilt will finish close to 3m (10ft) square or just a little under that.  During 2009 and 2010, Project House 360 ran an online Block of the Month called Land of Liberty

I have had the blocks  for the centre made for about 2 years now and the triangle border made for about 1 year.  (My apologies for the dullness of the photos, the dark coloured floor has really dulled the fabrics.)

Triangle Inner Border - close up
This triangle border was an exercise in patience, but I am thrilled with it finished.  Against the rest of the quilt it looks great. 
Triangle Border - the whole thing
And now, here's the final border which I have been working on diligently for the past month on my weekly sewing day - I changed the final edge by adding in green triangles instead of having the 'scalloped' edge as the pattern instructed.
Outer Star Border - the whole thing

Outer Star Border - close up
And finally, here are the blocks so far - 1 block is missing because I made it completely the wrong size, I'll have to check my photocopying percentages because the block turned out 3in smaller than the rest, sheesh.  Also missing is where the stripes should have been from the original pattern, I am making many smaller stars to represent the millions of stars in the Australian sky under which I live to fill in the space.  Rosie commented that I like hard work, she says the stripes would have been simpler - she may well be right! LOL!  A self-imposed challenge is good for the soul I am sure... :)

The almost finished central panel
Unfortunately my design wall is not tall enough and the top blocks are flopping over, but you get the idea.  The stars in this centre panel are all made from a Fat 8 pack of Rocky Mountain II fabrics which I had for a couple of years before this pattern came up.  I did have to purpose buy the background and the borders.  My next purchase is for sashing and binding fabrics.  I have the backing and wadding already.  Nearly there.......

It's a great feeling when the end of the piecing is in sight.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Traditional Tuesday - pt 2

The 5th January seems almost like a lifetime ago, yet it's only been 6 months - that's when I last posted about Traditional Tuesday.  As I mentioned way back when last January, I have been following the very fun weekly blog sew-a-long which Jenifer Dick from 42 Quilts is posting each week. 

I am on track and up-to-date with making the blocks, just a little behind in posting pictures of them, so here we are, up to block 19.

Sit back, relax and enjoy what I think is some nice eye candy!  By the way - did I mention how much I am enjoying the making of these blocks?

Block 2 - Log Cabin

Block 9 - String Block

Block 11 - Bow Tie
 Block 12 - not yet made

Block 13 - 9 Patch
 Block 14 - not yet made

Block 15 - Double 4 Patch

Block 16 - Square-in-a-Square

Block 17 - Hour Glass

Block 18 - Flying Geese

Block 19 - Star
I am pretty happy with how my blocks are turning out.  I have selected a medallion applique centre for my quilt and will select a large flower from that applique to put onto blocks 7 and 14, instead of the "Holiday" themed ones so that the centre will tie in more to the blocks.  

Off to photograph the next set of blocks now.......