Friday, 8 October 2010

Funky Granny?

Hmm - here is a quilt top which was made with a couple of years ago with a Sturbridge Collection from the Curator Aimee Newell. A rather odd range of 13 fabrics to go together, with an awful red and white one as the feature for the centre of the back. The pattern was a stack 'n' slash, which used 12 fabrics and was from the book Patchwork by Julie Wallace. The purpose of making this quilt was purely and simply to practice my Domestic Machine Quilting with 'sampler' blocks of quilting all over it.

Guess what? - the inspiration ran out when I had the top pieced together, so it became a PIG.

Then I purchased a new book - see photo below - and it's FANTASTIC. Now, on the photo above is a selection of fabric and thread to create something a little, I mean a lot, more interesting with this quilt top
Because I saw oversized tulips in the book and wondered how they would look on my quilt top, set to the bottom left hand side and then some floating 'in the air' above the main bunch on the ground.....

Off to the fabric and thread stash cupboards I go... here is the resulting sample in the photo below and... I think that the fabrics and threads will work really well for the applique.

Now the name of Funky Granny has come about because I always thought that this quilt looked like the fabrics from the cupboard of a very old Granny, but now with the appliqued tulips to go on the top, it's become a little bit funky looking now - hence Funky Granny!

And - yes,my applique shapes are all traced onto the fusible web and I am looking forward to machine appliqueing the shapes on with the rayon threads in the next week as my "relaxing" sewing - large pieces with no sharp corners -hmmm... nice...

Guess I'll just have to keep you all posted now!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

.... yes I'm still here - but with no finishes for a while, I have nothing to post. However, it is worth watching this space as I'll hopefully have some wow factor photos in the next few days........

xxx Andrea