Sunday, 26 March 2017

Flying Kids

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in my last post that I'd begun a brand spanking new quilt, well ta da - here it is.  Measuring just 36in (90cm) square. it's a perfect size for a little one.  

A quilt of my own design to use up a frivolous piece of novelty fabric and fabrics left over from last year's transport quilt.

This cute airplane fabric I picked up a from a craft fair.  I had just enough to cut out 5 x 8in squares.  I wanted to keep the pieces big to show off the fun flying crafts.

Simply just fun.  Two easy blocks, an afternoon of happy sewing.

Anyone can make this quilt - it is just Nine Patch Blocks alternated with Snowball Blocks and being selective about where the 'pop' of strong colour is placed.

And here is the finished quilt - all ready to be donated to a Silent Auction, which will benefit the sick kiddies at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.