Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I'm Back!

Wow - I cannot believe that I didn't blog for almost 3 months! I guess that just goes to show how busy life has been. The family moved from Germany back to our home town in Australia during January, then kids to school, hubby back to work and some of life's obstacles, both good and bad - sees 2.5 months just disappear!

For Quilting, I have completed some Cobblestone blocks for a swap and almost 2 x baby quilts. Photos of blocks when I receive the swap and photos of the baby quilts after I have given them to the respective mums-to-be.

My nice indulgent purchase at the opening of the Quilters Bazaar was these yummy fabric morsels in the following photo - the range is called Country Haven and it is just perfect for my Lori Smith Golden Memories Sampler pattern. There is no doubt about it. As we Quilters know, when you see something just right for the job, it jumps out at you. Now I have to be patient and wait for our shipping container to turn up so that I can get the pattern out of the box... Ho Hum...

And, now a few hours later, I still can't find the Camera lead - arrggh! Never-mind, I'll upload the pics tomorrow.