Monday, 3 December 2018

Zip-Loc Baggies, European Chic and French Braids

Oh lord, I have quite a few zip-loc baggies hanging around.  I have them in many different sizes and hold all manner of quilting, knitting and embroidery things.  A few months ago, I decided that I would just take one off the patchwork only shelf, which has started to bulge out of the cupboard...........

Shelf of 38 Zip Loc Bags!
and just work on what was in the bag until it became a finished project.  Well, here's the update on the first one.....

A kit purchased on a Retreat some years ago because I adored the fabric.  I took it out and started working on it.  Not long after, an intended recipient appeared - love these serendipitous moments.

Easy piecing.  Borders are another story.  In the instructions, there's either a typing error or there's an issue with the math.  The side setting triangles are not big enough, so the instructions tell you trim up the sides of the quilt.  This was quite tricky to do.  At this point in time, I still need to complete the borders.  They need to be pieced and cut to the correct length.

The second zip loc baggie holds a French Braid pattern.  I began this project in 2011 when the quilt shop I was working for asked me to teach the class.  Not my pattern, so I purchased the jelly roll, pattern and ruler to make it for myself before teaching it to others (and I wanted to keep the finished quilt).
The original pattern.
I took my goodies home, cut up the jelly roll strips into braid pieces, laid out the colours and started sewing.  So far, so good.  The next morning, at 7am, I received a phone call from the shop owner advising me not to go into work because the business was closing.  48 hours later - Boom. Gone.  Needless to say, I was devastated and so was my friend who owned the shop.

Fast forward 7 years and we arrive at 2 months ago and a conversation at my local quilt group about French Braids.  A beginner quilter wanted to learn how to make them.  Serendipity strikes again!  Out came my French Braids.  Some simple instructions and a sewing demonstration later, her braids are in progress, another member also got inspired and cut up her fabrics to make braids too; and mine are made.  Nothing like someone to sew with to spur you on.

My completed braids
The original setting pattern for my braids has been scrapped and I found a new layout.  The number/length of braids I have made is the perfect amount for this pattern.  No thought required to purchase the pattern.  
Original pattern + the new pattern
After visiting a couple of quilt shops and quite a bit of time, I have found the perfect fabrics for the large squares and the sashings....

Ready for the next step - cutting large pieces and assembly.

My quest for making all of the projects in the Zip Loc Baggies will take some time, but it is good to say I actually tackled one of my New Year's Resolutions to work on what I already had started or have "ingredients" for and not started.

PS:  I hope the rest of the Zip Loc Baggie quest works out as well as these two have so far......