Wednesday, 6 July 2016

On The Move....

Ready, set, go!  Choose your mode of transport and then you're on the move, to far away places and many adventures.

This quilt was finished and gifted way back in May, but I've only just gotten around to showing it off.

I was asked to make a quilt by a friend, who wanted a special gift for a new mum and baby.  Definitely a boy, (whose dad is a Bulldogs supporter - blue sashing, white blocks and red binding) the quilt needed to be fun and with the possibilities of adventure when his imagination gets into full swing. 

The whole quilt.
The pictures are from children's colouring pages, free on the internet from various sources.  I felt blessed when I googled images and so many free pictures were at my disposal.  I have to say a huge thank you to the people who put them up on the world wide web for the rest of us to use.

Airplane block detail
Certainly not my normal run of the mill things to applique, but, oh, so much fun to do!  I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and seeing the pictures come to life under my fingers.

Back of quilt.
I drew the circular quilting lines to add some movement to the quilt by tracing chalk circles around a dinner plate and then overlapping them.  I did not want the quilting to be dense, so as to keep it nice and soft for cuddles.

Simply just fun - it was nice to have a break away from my normal piecing projects.