Monday, 20 July 2015

Little Travelling Jacket

Such a delight to knit - a cabled winter jacket for a little one.  Due to be born very soon, I have given this jacket to her expectant Mum, (who loves anything crafted by hand), in Mum's last week of work.

Given that I have sons and there are many nephews, it is very rare that I get to work such a pretty feminine design.  With just the right mix of cables and stocking stitch in 8ply wool, I knitted this jacket in a few short weeks.

Back of Jacket
Lovely and long, the jacket will keep her warm and snug as she moves around.  I wish I had a jacket like this one!
Front of Jacket

Pattern:  Little Vintage Sunday Coat from "Baby Book 5" by Sue Batley-Kyle.   pub. King Cole 2012
Knitted in:  Patons Totem 8ply.
Size:  To fit 12-18 months.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Oven-mitts & Pot-holders

Practical and useful.  Probably not a very exciting thing to post about, but I actually enjoyed making my newest set of oven mitts; and then a pot-holder from the left over fabric. 

Alas, they did not stay in my possession for long - these items are currently in residence at the shop where I teach some-times because Customers had been requesting such a class.

A very yellow photo of the oven mitts, because I forgot the flash!  Oooops.
 I have put insulbrite wadding in the mitts, with a layer of cotton wadding also to make them comfy and heat-proof.
And... a much better photo of the Pot-holder with the flash turned on!
No more burnt fingers now! :)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Lunch out?

When going to a Sit'n'Sew day, I find that it's nice to have your own cutlery and a place-mat to put your plate on.  Often, it can be annoying if a bit of lettuce falls out of the sandwich you're eating or there's no-where to put your yoghurt spoon and you have to either find a cloth to wipe the table, or, make a place-mat from paper towel.

Opened out mat with side-plate and cutlery.
The idea of a combined cutlery holder/place-mat is not new.  I know I have seen pictures of them before, but I cannot remember where, so I made up my own.  With simple cutting, piecing and a bit of quilting, it was made in very little time.
All rolled up and ready to pack in my lunch bag.
I am thinking that I will need to make a second one of these, with some large print fabric to keep in my work lunch bag and include some nice cutlery too.  Staff room cutlery is often less than desirable and there are never, ever any forks!