Monday, 25 November 2013

Sunshine Coast Bag....

Love, love, love this bag.

Take one Bali Pop, lots of thread, a strong sewing machine needle and 50m of cotton cord, throw in a couple of days, mix it all up and then you get an amazing bag.

Not a quick bag to make, but really quite simple in construction.  I found the pattern, designed by Aunties Two, in Australian Homespun, No 93 (Vol 12.2).  Using a method called 'clothesline technique', the strips from a Bali Pop (batik jelly roll) are wrapped around a cord and then butted together to make a whole new piece of very sturdy fabric.

I've had the pattern and the Bali Pop for about a year now, but took approx 6 months to find someone who stocked the cord.  And then lo and behold - a deadline came along!  All of a sudden the date of my friends 40th birthday was here and the bag had to be finished for gifting.

It's a big bag.  In fact large enough to be a very useful bag for work because it will hold all essentials including lunch - most important - and laptop with some pockets inside for the little things.

I am really pleased how this bag has turned out.  I will certainly be making it again, especially as I now know where to purchase the cord!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Floral Trellis... part 2

Take one “Layer Cake”, the ideas from ‘string quilts’ and put them together.  A gorgeous floral range of fabrics, a nice bright white fabric and the question, “What if I did this?”  Here’s the result of my playing; a bright happy quilt with the allure of warm Summer days.  Shame it was so cold today when I took the photo in between rain showers.

Back about a year ago I said that this quilt would be quilted over the holiday season.... hmmm... just this week I completed the binding, hanging sleeve and label.  The end result has been well worth the wait.

Border Detail

I feel that my crafting mojo has returned after a very long hiatus.  Too many things became quite over-whelming until I made a list of a few things that I think I can work through to completion without them being too daunting (at what I have started) and clear some space in my sewing room and my mind.   Focus is my new key word! :)