Sunday, 17 February 2013

Applique Musings

Finally some appliquè   progress.  I am hand needle-turning the appliquè blocks for the "Just Takes 2" quilt.  Not being an appliquè person, I am quite slow at doing it.  This is where the challenge issued on the Stashbuster group  is good - it is my prod to keep on working on the appliquè blocks.  

Block 91 - The basket block from the logo in my side-bar (see right)

Block 72 - A Pretzel!
Last year I learnt how to do Reverse Appliquè and I found it really easy, which surprised me as I knew nothing at all about the technique - so with the two blocks above, I treated them as reverse appliquè and what do you know?  I got them made without the normal 'brain blockers' that would appear in my head when the word appliquè was ever mentioned.
I have 2 machine appliquè projects on the go as well, so, when I have finished the Just Takes 2 blocks, I'll be moving onto those and using the next 12 months to make lots of progress on them - I hope!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Ahhh... I am Luminous!

... says Master Yoda.  Captured here in bright green, he positively glowed when I took the photos.

Lorraine found a lonely bolt of Star Wars fabric some time ago at a Quilt In.  She called me and asked if I would like some.  I said yes - thinking that the colours would be like those in the movies - oh boy, what a shock when she gave it to me - arghhh - such a very loud and noticeable green!

However, my son LOVES it.  And now he has a cushion for his room, (a perfect use for the 50cm of fabric) and he is very happy.  :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Warm and Woolly

Love, love, love knitting with really fat wool.  14ply on 7mm needles - I knitted each of these jumpers for my sons in 2 weeks apiece!

Patons Inca Wool (Sheep and Alpaca) and a Patons Inca Pattern Leaflet.  I knitted one straight after the other, but because of the differences in colour and size, I didn't get bored.

The kids chose their own colours...

The first jumper is nice and classy in classic black with flecked grey.

The second jumper has been nick-named:  "Chocolate and Choc Bits" (I think he may have been hungry when he chose the colours!)