Monday, 20 August 2012

Traditional Tuesday - Pt 4

More gorgeous blocks from Jenifer Dick over at 42 Quilts Blog.  Take a peek, there is only eye candy in my book!
Block 30 - Square

Block 31 - City Streets
Block 31 is actually the second block from making Block 29, it is simply a reversal of the log cabin squares.  
Block 32 - Double Pinwheel

Block 33 - Illinois Road

Block 34 - Checkerboard Unskew (unequal 9 patch!)

Block 35 - Kansas Dugout
 Another block which is a bit ho hum by itself, but when repeated and rotated can make an amazing quilt.
Block 36 - 4H
4H - The 4 H's stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health.  There are 4H clubs in America.  They are not here in Australia, so I googled to find out what the significance of  4H is.  4H clubs sound like a great thing for youth to belong to with a focus on traditional values so often lacking in our modern world.
Block 37 - Birds in the Air

Block 38 - Contrary Wife

Block 39  - Dragon Fly
I'm a little behind with my stitching at on this particular project and I can't wait to start sewing the July and August blocks.

Monday, 13 August 2012

I just can't help myself...

... I see a blog hosting a free Block Of The Month (BOM) for yet another Sampler Quilt and what do I do?  Note all the blocks in my quilting book and go hunting for fabric - sheesh - like I need another project!

If you click on the Bloggers BOM button on the sidebar it will take you to Canton Village Quiltworks who are the hosts of the Bloggers BOM.

A fun BOM which started back in September 2011 and is running until October 2012 - so I figure it's not too late to start.  Jackie from Canton Village has asked other well know Quilters for their contributions, which means that each month there is a guest block designer.  Her only specification to the Designers is that they use the Kaffe Fasset Collective fabrics which she sent them.  And, from jumping around the relevant blogs of the Designers, the blocks look fantastic.  Finishing at 8in square, they are easy to make, all pieced and look really effective.

Do you think I should use my Kaffe Fasset and Phillip Jacobs collective too?

Oh, and the white fabric - that's a French General print which I love with the brights of the KP and PJ fabrics - I think that the white fabric really makes the other fabrics sing. 

The bonus of starting the Bloggers BOM is it will actually be a stash-busting project - I don't need to buy a thing to make the quilt including the thread, backing, borders, binding and batting.   Very exciting......

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Traditional Tuesday - Pt 3

Some more blocks.  I am really enjoying the Traditional Tuesday Blog-a-long or perhaps it's my love of Sampler Quilts that has kept me motivated, whatever the inspiration, these blocks are a delight to make.  Simple and effective and a nice break from other more complicated projects.

Block 20 - Shoo Fly

Block 21 - Heart
A perfect block for Valentines Day, which was on a Tuesday!  The original heart block was pieced, but I want to have some applique elements scattered through my quilt, hence the applique hearts design.  Hmmm, still need to sew down 3 of the 4 hearts....

Block 22 - Jewel Box

Block 23 - Chinese Coins
 The Chinese Coins and the Log Cabin are my favourite blocks so far.  I adore the colour graduation in the skinny little strips and yes, I did foundation piece the 'coins' in the block.  

Block 24 - Spool

Block 25 - Pendants
 I can just see the Pendants repeated over and over again on a smaller scale to make an amazing quilt border.

Block 26 - Cross

Block 27 - Basket Weave
 Each week when Jenifer posts which block to make she also includes links to whole quilts made from the blocks so that you can see the block repeated, which of course then sets my mind off on a tangent!  The Basket Weave block (above) is a perfect example of a very plain block which when repeated and rotated can make an amazing quilt with secondary patterns. 

Block 28 - Modernistic Pansy
 The jury is out on this one (above).  I loved Jenifer's block but not mine.  I'll see how it looks when I piece the quilt top, might need to change it me thinks...

Block 29 - Crossed Square
Isn't it great when you can simply make something you love and someone else has done the thinking for you?  When this particular quilt is all put together it may have to be named "Relaxing on Tuesday"  ...smiles... 
 xxx Andrea