Sunday, 19 June 2011

Just Plain Nuts - Month 4

Here is the 4th installment of Just Plain Nuts.
Block 5 - A funny looking block, I had thought I could make it with 2 colours, but then discarded that idea because you didn't get any pattern effect in the corners of the 'mini blocks, so here it is with 3 colours and I am much happier.

Block 10 - love those geese! The geese are foundation pieced and the rest is all conventional piecing - such good practice for getting accuracy right. :)

Block 27 - nice and simple.

And, last but not least for this post - Block 28 - super quick and easy, but still just a stunning as the rest, especially the tiny little strips in the centre of the block.

Stay tuned for further installments during the year as progress is made.....

Thursday, 9 June 2011

City Lights

Another UFO bites the dust! From 2006, this quilt top has been moved around my sewing room several times. Currently off being valued, it is my donation to my children's school for their Auction Night - I have to say, I am quite nervous about what the Quilt Valuers have to say and what the response will be on the Auction night.

My own design using a selection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics. A very simple but effective quilt with Colorburst fabric for the outer border and hidden stars. The design is reminiscent of a city skyline at night. Lots of lights against a dark sky, the winds of change combine with thoughts and dreams, swirling up into the darkness, towards the stars which are just out of reach, promising new tomorrows.Below, quilting detail in the border, don't look too closely - vbg.... :)
And, below, quilting detail of the main part of the back. Quilted by me, on my DSM with Raiman Variegated Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread. Unfortunately the flash blew out the colour a bit, but I think it shows the vibrance of the quilting and how interesting the back is.
Off to work on the next project now!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Just Plain Nuts - Month 3

Block 9 - Love it! - simple squares and triangles with the centre star highlighted in a darker colour.

Block 31 - Log Cabin with a border

Block 32 - super easy - very nice.

Block 8 is part of Month 3, but I haven't completed it yet. There was just something about that block which didn't work for me, I sewed the wrong sizes, sewed them mirror image, upside down and right side to wrong side, so I gave up and put it aside to complete another day. I guess every Quilter has her day where it's better to walk away than keep trying... vbg :)