Monday, 23 December 2013

Seasons Greetings

No photos today unfortunately.  I made 4 Australian flower table runners for the ladies I work with and forgot to take the photos before gifting them.  Ho hum, never-mind.  I'll just have to be less absent-minded next time! :)  More to show'n'tell after Christmas.

Merry Christmas and all the best of wonderful wishes to my readers and your families this festive season.  Take the time to enjoy your family and friends - they are truly the shining stars in our lives.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Cake, Bags and Twins Turning 50

Ok, it's official - I really am the grey haired fat cake lady!  Two more bags and another cake in the past week or so.  What's a girl to do when her very good friend with a twin sister has a significant birthday?  Why make more bags and cakes of course! :) 

Twin one received Bag One, which is called "Cat's Cradle", designed by Pauline and Gael at Patchworks Unlimited.  A stunning combination of red and black, made with the technique of wrapping 2.5in fabric strips around some cord.  A really sturdy bag with a small pocket and lots of room on the inside.  A definite must make again.

Twin two received Bag Two, which is called "Studio Bag", designed by Leesa Chandler at Chandler's Cottage.  I loved learning how to do the sashiko stitching which appears on the front and back.
Also, there were a few techniques involved in making this bag which are not normal to bag making, therefore it was a lot more interesting to do.  And... I got the chance to show off gorgeous buttons made from Japanese fabric and acrylic.
 The little side ties just finish it off perfectly.
 Then, the cake.  One large chocolate cake, cut in half, covered in white chocolate ganache.  Topped off with white roses, daisies and edible silver glitter.
Happy Birthday you two!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Mmmmm - more cake......

Two more cakes.  Better be careful, or I'll be known as the 'grey haired fat cake lady'!

Two recent birthdays within the family, just a day apart.

This is how our dessert looked at the family birthday dinner.....




The dragon cake had candles which re-light after they're blown out.  We missed one re-lighting and then the dragon caught fire, so the poor thing has a slightly singed wing.  Oh dear - fire flying instead of fire breathing.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Cake is the order of the day.  In fact I have made a lot of cake in the past few months, here is a small sample.

Carrot cake for a MG car enthusiast on the occasion of  his 50th birthday, complete with a horse for his wife...........

Bart Simpson cake for my son, complete with 'wavy' candles which wouldn't stay upright.........

Oh and it did have to be a rainbow cake on the inside to meet his exacting requirements.  Wonder where he gets his determination from?

And a 21st birthday cake.  It was a 'Tira Mi Su' cake with a delicious chocolate and silver glitter coating.

If I can brag a little, this Tira Mi Su was one of the best cakes I feel that I have ever made.  Simply gorgeous to look at, if a little rough around the edges and absolutely divine to eat.

I have never had any formal cake/baking/decorating training, so what I show you is totally self taught.

PS:  There is some show and tell here of my design  "Floral Trellis" from a class which I taught a couple of weeks ago.  The completed quilt tops look amazing.