Sunday, 1 December 2013


Cake is the order of the day.  In fact I have made a lot of cake in the past few months, here is a small sample.

Carrot cake for a MG car enthusiast on the occasion of  his 50th birthday, complete with a horse for his wife...........

Bart Simpson cake for my son, complete with 'wavy' candles which wouldn't stay upright.........

Oh and it did have to be a rainbow cake on the inside to meet his exacting requirements.  Wonder where he gets his determination from?

And a 21st birthday cake.  It was a 'Tira Mi Su' cake with a delicious chocolate and silver glitter coating.

If I can brag a little, this Tira Mi Su was one of the best cakes I feel that I have ever made.  Simply gorgeous to look at, if a little rough around the edges and absolutely divine to eat.

I have never had any formal cake/baking/decorating training, so what I show you is totally self taught.

PS:  There is some show and tell here of my design  "Floral Trellis" from a class which I taught a couple of weeks ago.  The completed quilt tops look amazing.

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Jo said...

Hi Andrea.
Yummy cakes.
Is Baden a member of the MG club or another car club.