Monday, 20 July 2015

Little Travelling Jacket

Such a delight to knit - a cabled winter jacket for a little one.  Due to be born very soon, I have given this jacket to her expectant Mum, (who loves anything crafted by hand), in Mum's last week of work.

Given that I have sons and there are many nephews, it is very rare that I get to work such a pretty feminine design.  With just the right mix of cables and stocking stitch in 8ply wool, I knitted this jacket in a few short weeks.

Back of Jacket
Lovely and long, the jacket will keep her warm and snug as she moves around.  I wish I had a jacket like this one!
Front of Jacket

Pattern:  Little Vintage Sunday Coat from "Baby Book 5" by Sue Batley-Kyle.   pub. King Cole 2012
Knitted in:  Patons Totem 8ply.
Size:  To fit 12-18 months.


elliek said...

Very cute jacket. Good that mum appreciates all the hard work, makes it all worthwhile.

Moose-ings said...

So cute, and the buttons match perfectly. Isn't it fun to work with wool for a change!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Beautiful work Andrea. xo