Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Chester Criswell - blocks 6 - 10

Here is my next installment for Chester Criswell.  

Recently when I was taking stock, I was surprised by how many blocks I had actually finished and how many I still need want to make.  After block 10, I lost my consistency for a while and have completed other blocks at random (more on that in a future post). 

I have several blocks prepared, ready to go, but while the weather is nice outside, I am not doing handwork as much.

Block 6 appeared 3 times - two blocks were only one colour.

Block 7 - appeared twice.  This is the only block where I finished both blocks in one week - those leafy curves sewed sew so smoothly

Block 8 - appeared twice.  I was more motivated by the single colour block than the two colour one.  The red that I chose for the second block was much harder to turn under for the wavy edges on the flowers, so it took a lot longer to stitch.  I just love the single colour block 8.

Block 9 is an interesting one.  On the original quilt, the top and bottom had a different shape than the sides.  after reading through Sharon's musings on why it is so, I decided to cut mine out with the central parts of the four sides the same.  I love the balanced look of this block.

Block 10 - appeared twice.

PS:  I did complete block 13, the huge central medallion, 1 year ago - click here to see it.


Jo said...

Looks like a lot of work.,lovely blocks

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Well I think they look lovely - and I've seen a lot of blocks :)

CPAQuilter said...

Your blocks are beautiful! It amazes me how much differently certain fabrics behave when doing hand applique. I learned which ones to use on different shapes...
Donna in ABQ