Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chester Criswell - Blocks 1 to 5

In the spirit of the revisiting of the Chester Criswell quilt (see CCCQ blog button on right) and the fact that I am very slow at applique, I have decided to do a few blog posts over the next couple of months of the blocks I have completed so far.

I did not start Chester Criswell at the beginning.  Approximately 2.5 years ago, while nursing broken ribs and unable to sit at my sewing machine; desperate for something to do; I stumbled across the Chester Criswell blog, some 6 months after the first blocks were published. 

12in blocks, large pieces, simple colour choices and an enjoyable afternoon reading the quilt story, I was wanting to know more.

Block 1
I went to my stash, pulled out some red and green half metre pieces, a large piece of Quilter's Muslin, my silk threads, and thought I can do this!  It didn't take long to realise that perhaps I might need some help to find an applique method which would suit me.  Who knew there were so many ways to hand applique?

Block 2 - appeared twice in the original quilt.

My Chester Criswell Quilt journey started with Block 3.  It really is the hand applique project where I managed to grasp the finer points, and, with the help of a one-on-one lesson from an expert at our now defunct 6-12 group, I had an "aha" moment where all the skills I had been taught previously came together and made sense.  Once I had that revelation, I was on fire.  I started to love watching the leaves, flowers and other shapes come to life under my fingers.

Block 3 - appeared 3 times in the original quilt.

While making the blocks, I have been trying as much as possible to use the same number of reds/greens and orientate the blocks the same way as the original quilt, as best I can from the whole quilt photo.

Block 4

Block 5 (this was not my favourite to applique, but I was very pleased when it was finished.)

The original Chester Criswell Quilt does live here in Australia. Sharon, who owns the quilt, has been able to trace her family history back to the USA along with the family stories which have been woven through time.

Chester Criswell Quilt information and patterns are available from here.


Jo said...

Wow Andrea. I think your applique is lovely. Didn't think you ever had trouble. Will you be going to the all day sew on Friday ?

Vic in NH said...

Great job on all those blocks and I love your fabrics, too! I don't do the "A" word, but I admire those who do.