Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Baby Love - Snuggly Quilts

Last Saturday my local group got together and held a "Snuggly Quilt Making Day".  The purpose of the day is to make hugs of love for those babies, children and teens who have a severe illness which requires a long hospital stay or are terminal.  The quilts are for the parents and family members as much as they are for the kids.  While I was unable to stay for the day, I did take a collection of fabrics (passed on from K) which were dug into and pieces immediately used.

My own donation was quite small compared to the time and efforts of others - but I was pleased to be able to put together this pretty little quilt top, in time for the day.  At just 24in square - suitable for a newborn or premature baby.   

Made up from left overs of Spotty Bugs quilt top (below).
Sunday Sherbet Mystery Quilt - 20?? from Sunbonnet Sue Quilts.
Spotty Bugs is a quilt top, which I will complete and then donate.  At the time of writing this post, I am not sure yet if this quilt will be a silent auction fundraiser piece or go to the Snuggly Quilts Program.  Either way, it will go towards supporting the Royal Children's Hospital.

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