Sunday, 26 April 2015

Brrr.... it's cold outside

Now that Winter seems to have overtaken Autumn here in the southern part of Australia, I thought it prudent that I get out my knitting projects.

Here is the first knitted project for this year:  A keyhole scarf with large leaves for the ends.

The pattern is a design from By Lynette and the wool I used was Utiku Merino/Possum blend.  I purchased the wool and pattern as a kit from the Craft and Quilt Fair about 3 years ago.

So soft and light, but oh so very warm.  This scarf will really keep the winter chill away every morning when I have to brave the frosty outdoors.

I sewed the ends of wool in just now, hence the indoor photo.  My MIL was keeping us interested with old family history and photos of my husband's great uncle in his full regalia as a leader of the Light Horse Brigade.  When I was working on the Honour Quilt, I had no idea of the history of that side of the family.  A truly remarkable way to end what has been an emotional and poignant weekend.  This story helps in some way to make my Honour Quilt even more honourable for our family.


Moose-ings said...

Like that! looks really soft.

elliek said...

Winter has set in for sure. I am freezing . Your scarf looks lovely and warm.