Monday, 15 April 2013

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink - was the name of a favourite teenage movie way back in the 1980's (hmm.... age showing... not good....).  The movie was all about growing up and learning some life lessons during those awkward teenage years.  It's hard to believe that a lovely teenage girl we know is almost an adult.  Her mum asked me to bake a cake and to assist with the surprise of her significant birthday, there is no way I was going to say no....  Not completely sure my hubby agreed as he very obligingly cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen, including the glitter which went everywhere... oops....

Pink 'pearl' candles, purple glitter over white icing and some stunning flowers over the top of a luscious chocolate cake.... heaven....

To say that our friend was overcome when seeing the cake would be an understatement.  It's not often that she is speechless - but I succeeded!  It was a wonderful moment for her to realise that her Mum had planned some really nice things for her.  I always feel it's a great privilege to be part of an important event in another's life.

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