Monday, 22 April 2013

More Bow Ties

The Bow Ties quilt top is completed.  Very happy.  The backing and binding fabrics are currently in the wash and shortly I'll be cutting the wadding.

My apologies for the angle of the quilt in the photo, I was having a very hard time with the wind, which had been absent until I wanted to take my photos - sheesh...

These 4in blocks are so incredibly addictive to make.  Try to stop at just one or two, it is impossible.  I found myself going through my 5in squares to try as many colour and print possibilities as I could.  Each tie was "wow" when I completed the block.
I have a good idea of how I want to quilt this quilt, so once again I am keen to strike while the iron is hot and keep the momentum going. Note to self - write down the quilting ideas before they get forgotten!

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