Monday, 18 August 2008

Time Warp

Today we went to the Chocolate Museum to have lunch on the terrace overlooking the Rhein River and sample some yummy food. What a surprise when we came upstairs from the carpark, slap bang into the middle of a 1950s time warp on the Rhein promenade. This was serious! The restored cars were fantastic, but then there was the people - did I mention it was serious? They were all dressed in 1950s clothing! Market stalls were selling the clothes and furniture of the era. The bands were playing 1950s music and it was jam packed. Get me out of here before I get sprinkled with stardust too - I don't want to look like one of them! Thank goodness they hadn't gone into the cafe, so were safe to have our lunch in the sun, overlooking the water.


Bizarre Quilter said...

Chocolate museum? I assume it's the wrappings, machines, signs etc on display and not crumby old chokkie!
There was a cafe in Bendigo called "Chevvies" and it had half a Chev on the wall. It was a 50s cafe and I loved it! Clouds painted on the walls, 50s menu,and the staff all dressed in poodle skirts or trousers with white socks. It was a special treat to go. We went twice, once with Mum and once with Dad.

Nicole and Phil said...

how was your holiday?
hope it went well.....looks like we might be able to catch up before Xmas....we are thinking of coming to Cologne the week before Xmas..will you be around?

Nicole and Phil said...

Hi Andrea,

just checking up on you and hope that you are settling in well over there, and hopefully not too warm for you!

been under -10 all alst week, but looks like the cold is breaking, at the moment it is -4! YIPPEEE!

WE have done some awesome sledding though, which is great fun!

I don't know if this email address will work, so I am going to copy it into your blog notes just in case!

Talk to you soon

Love Nicole