Thursday, 14 August 2008

Broken Needle!

Well, it was all looking good, I was racing through my quilting UFOs and then a needle broke on my sewing machine. "Not so bad" I thought, "I'll just change it" - Nope, I had to drop it into the workings of the machine, which made it squeak and sent the tension off to the moon, so off to the shop for repairs. They told me that I had just missed the weekly pick-up by the service man and that I would be without it for 2 weeks! arrrggghhh......

Ho Hum - guess I'll just have to do cross-stitch, some knitting or scrapbooking when I am not writing. I don't actually have a shortage of things to do, there are several choices - I just wanted to take shameless advantage of my momentum!

In the meantime - here are two photos of my Salinda Rupp "Nearly Insane" Quilt. Each block is 6.5" square and there are 98 of them in the quilt. It took 2 years, but so very worth it!

1 comment:

Bizarre Quilter said...

ARGH! Dang it! 2 weeks??!!
Right, this is the time to do your cutting out and prepare bindings... LOL!!