Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Through the Garden Window

An UFO has bitten the dust! Today I finished Through the Garden Window. It has been pouring rain most of the day, so it was a great day for sewing down the binding and label. All ready now to be given to SIL for her 40th Birthday.

Here's my quilt blurb:
2 years of collecting 5” Charm Squares in soft pretty YUWA floral fabrics is the basis of this quilt. When I put the sashing strips in between, I immediately thought of looking through a window into a sunlit garden. Soft and pretty against the hardness of the window frame.


Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh yeah! I remember this one!
Now link today's post to your finished list so anyone can easily find it!
Well done. Was it originally intended for SIL or did it evolve into her quilt?
Loz in Oz

mereth said...

That is so pretty, I love the effect of looking through a window. Hope you enjoy your blog, I've been doing it for 2 1/2 years and love it.
I'm a South Aussie, where are you from?

Tammy said...

Oh, I just happened upon your blog without really trying, and I am blown away by your beautiful quilts! What an incredible talent. Bravo!