Tuesday, 17 March 2020


Some super yummy gorgeous yarn and a really terrific pattern - can you tell that I liked both, a lot? - meant that I was able to knit up a beautiful small shawl for my MIL for her 80th birthday.    Started long before I knew about the cake baking and catering that I wrote about in my previous post.

This German made yarn consisted of 50% Cotton and 50% Nylon.  It was super soft and had a lovely hand feel.  With very, very long lengths of colour before the next one, the striping effect was subtle between colour changes and gave way to stripes.

Detail while being blocked of the eyelet edging.
A simple eyelet edging finished it off with pizzazz.  I had to make the eyelet edging twice.  I was overnight at my sister's house, looking after her kids, when the dog came into the room with makeup in it's mouth.  I took the makeup from the dog and put it away.  When I came back into the room, the dog had my knitting and the ball of yarn almost completely unravelled and was spinning circles, wound up in yarn, in the lounge room and having a great time - until he saw my face.  I put him outside and shut the door.  CRASH!  BANG! I jumped up and the dog had emptied his metal water bowl and was hitting the glass door with it, wanting to come back in.  No way.  Not until I was ready and the kids were home from sports.

The completed shawl.
Second detail shot of the edging.

The day I decided to take the photo outside it was over 30deg Celcius, so it was a bit hard to imagine needing to wear it.  :)

A simple, small shawl which nicely sits over the shoulders for those cool evenings or it can be wrapped and tied around the neck for tucking into a coat. 

The free knitting pattern for this shawl can be found here.

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