Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Small things

Small things, small finishes, use up some left overs and you get oven mitts!  I was looking to use up some small pieces of fabric and the strip sets to remove them out of my stash.  They kept on coming up to the top of the pile and every time I went into the shelving, they were front and centre.

I have had these two items finished for several weeks now, just needed to find some time to sit at the PC and blog.
The showy side of the oven mitts.
The oven mitts and the heat pad both use up leftover strips from a Bargello quilt which I made a few years ago.
Heat Pad 
Both items have insulbrite and cotton wadding - nice and protective from heat.  They are getting well used in my kitchen and don't burn my fingers like the worn out ones!

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Jo said...

Looking lovely. Good use of scraps. Hope to see you one Monday