Monday, 15 September 2014

One Block Wonder

A couple of weeks ago, several of us congregated at our local quilt group for a wonderful day of sewing, chatting and laughter as two members very bravely showed us how to make "One Block Wonder".

I went to this particular sewing day with no idea of what to expect.  I really struggled with the concept of how to cut my fabric and then sew it to achieve the 'kaleidoscope' blocks which make the One Block Wonder concept so intriguing.  I searched images of "One Block Wonder" before the workshop and it still didn't make sense to me.

So off I went, with my many companions, to a day of intrigue and learning.

WOW!  I was blown away by how knowledgeable our two tutors were and the amazing presentations - these two talented women managed to amaze and stun into silence 24 quilters!  

Here is my starting fabric

A few blocks laid out, ready to sew

 And then, my completed pile of 54 blocks

More the 'One Block Wonder' photos from our wonderful day can be seen here.

The possibilities I can see in fabric now, have changed my thinking.  If it has a definite repeat and movement, there are many surprises to be had when making the blocks.  I can't wait to start laying out my blocks and assembling the quilt top.

Thank you for sharing in my joy!

PS:  Don't forget - if you want to make your own "One Block Wonder", you can purchase or borrow from your library the "One Block Wonder" books.


elliek said...

Looking good Andrea. I am at the hmm how do I put all those blocks together and make it squared stage.

Jo said...

Your piles of blocks looks interesting. Can't wait to see what you do with the top layout.