Saturday, 16 August 2014

Coming Back....

Today I sat down at the PC for the first time in many months to actually read yahoo group e-mails and not just check for my spot on the UFO Queens List.  It was like running into an old friend.  I have had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours catching up with everyone.

I also watched some fantastic you-tube quilting videos.  I had forgotten that there is so much talent out there in quilty land and how simple techniques provide for 'light-bulb' moments in my head!  "Why didn't I think of that?"  :) 

Yes, I have had some finishes in the past few months, which I have not posted to yet.  I hope to rectify that tomorrow when I catch up on finish photos.

Before I sat down today to contemplate quilt and craft happenings (avoidance of dealing with tax papers), I felt like I was drowning in my stuff and lack of time due to the hours my new job demands.  But, then reality hit, as long as I go back to what I was doing at the start of the year, which was a little bit every day, then pieces get sewn together.  15 minutes a day - (I had forgotten that tip) - I know I can do that. 

I like to work on two things at once, a new start (for an exhibition, needs applique border and quilting) and I am deciding what to do next from the UFO list, having recently lost my momentum after finishing a King Size quilt.  Although I am very tempted by a video I watched today from Fat Quarter Shop where they used up fat quarters to make a quilt top quickly - and - oh dear running off on a tangent now - I have a pack of 30FQs in my cupboard which I bought in 2007 that I think will work really well for this.  I will test a bit of fabric for colour run in a glass of hot water first, lots of red and navy.

Off I go, to my sewing room, to tidy up the sewing table, ponder my many project boxes for the next project and  decide if I want to cut into my precious FQ pack!

Thank you all for just being there and for 'listening'.



elliek said...

Good to see you back.I'm sure you will decide what to do and make a great job of it. Happy sewing.

Jo said...

It's a start. Was that you enjoying the one block wonder workshop