Thursday, 31 May 2012

Spaced Out Alphabet

Have a go at a mystery quilt which a friend is running and just have fun!    Then you get what I think is a fantastic quilt - I so love it. 

I altered the oringal pattern slightly to make the quilt a bit larger and changed the borders to make it 3 for the extra frame efffect.  The red, orange and yellow squares are made up of flannel fabrics and the rest is cottons, so there is a textural element to this particular quilt.
Spaced Out Alphabet Quilt
In the detail photo below, you can see the little space ships flying around in the green fabric.  Some of them even have little friendly aliens waving at us.

I quilted Spaced Out Alphabet  on my domestic machine with interlocking circles, alien stars and stippling.

Now, this quilt just needs a child to drag it around the house and make 'cubbies' in the lounge-room, then to have happy dreams under it at night.

PS:  another one off the UFO list!

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Bizarre Quilter said...

I love that you've changed a pattern that uses 3 fabrics to give a mixture of colour, scale and texture. Beautiful work.... yay! a finished item! how many UFOs is that now?? ;)