Monday, 21 May 2012


My most recent quilt finish is the first quilt made from a swap.  A few years ago now, a Yahoo group had a "Cobblestone Block Swap".  I took part in two months out of the twelve - Got The Blues and Japanese.  This is the quilt which started my sort of obessession with cobblestone and brick quilt blocks and the combinations which can be made from them.

Foundations - my first ever 'cobblestone' quilt.

The top for this quilt was made back in 2007 and then took a while to finish because I ran out of border fabric.  A lovely Australian lady had some of the fabric in her stash and she very kindly shared with me, therefore I was able to complete the quilt.  I still think of her kindness now some five years later.

A perfect lap size quilt, I have only quilted it during this past April, and now, in May, I have gifted it to my husbands' aunt who turned 90 recently.  The colours in the quilt when you look closely remind me of the wonderful colours in dimensional embellished china vases.

Unfortunately the photo was taken at night as a last minute thought before wrapping it up for gifting, hence the darkness.  A favourite quilt finish to be sure.


Laren said...

Great work Andrea!! Love the colours. Always good to finish a project.

Fran C said...

Lovely quilt I'm surse your Aunt will treasure it.

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

That was a great swap, wasn't it? I made two quilts from cobblestones for my niece and nephew, I still have plenty left!