Monday, 28 March 2011

Just Plain Nuts - Month 1

Now, because I forgot to post the first month of my Just Plain Nuts blocks, here is the first installment - after the second - oops. I am not sure what made Liz Lois design these blocks and print her book, but I sure am glad she did. I am having a ball!
Here is block #1 - easy does it to begin;
And block #2... A bit of spray starch and the use of templates, nice and rewarding.
And block 3 - too cute for words...
And, block #4
Then, to top that off, I have decided that my quilt will be a medallion style, so here is my central medallion, the pattern is from Perfect Precision Piecing by Claudia Clark Myers. Spray starch and foundation piecing were my friends making this block. I have enough segments made for another compass block or to make four corner setting blocks, depending on how I want my final quilt to look.

I can see that Just Plain Nuts is going to be a very exciting journey for me and hopefully for the other ladies who are undertaking this quilt adventure with me.

Until next time, happy piecing!



Jindi's Cottage said...

Love your central medallion is just gorgeous...

elliek said...

It's amazing how differently we have all interpreted each block with the positioning of the light and dark etc. I have gone plain nuts as I started doing the blocks again with the left overs from my Nearly Insane quilt. Be interesting to see how many I manage to get done! Love the centre block.... may just give up now!!

Melody said...

My friend Liz (elliek) sent me to your blog and I'm so glad she did. Fabulous work. Your medallion block is amazing.