Monday, 21 March 2011

Just Plain Nuts (JPN) - Month 2

Doesn't that block above just look awesome? Well, I think so, can I say that about my own work without sounding to full of my own self importance? It is block #30 from the book Just Plain Nuts by Liz Lois of Nearly Insane (the Salinda Rupp Quilt) fame. I am posting the preview of the block for the ladies who have joined me in another "Insane" journey. After uploading the photos I realised that I had forgotten to crop them, but for now I am going to ignore that as the PC/internet has been so slow today.

Enjoy the eye candy! Below is block #29. I am not quite sure about the orange triangles, I may need to change that colour. I will put it aside for now and look at it again when it is time to make the blocks for next month. Maybe some time will put a perspective view on the block.
Below is block #6. A little brag here, I made the whole thing, including all the little triangles around the outside with no foundation. All conventional piecing. It took a long time, but I am very happy with the result. A challenge to myself to see how small I could really piece without foundations. Below is Block #7. Another one made without foundations, but you can see the little pinwheel in the centre is a little off in one corner. I will fix that. I had thought it was OK, but in the photos it really stands out. I might to need to adjust the seam with a little handstitch rather than putting it back under the machine.

I'll post the blocks from Month 1 shortly.


Jindi's Cottage said...

Block 6 is awesome...well done...

elliek said...

Block 6 is stunning. I have done the foundation out for that one as I know I will not get it right without foundation piecing. Pinwheels are hard when they are that small and I like a little imperfection so I'd leave it. Went today to KQ and some people saw my first 4 blocks.

Melody said...

Wow Andrea, just fabulous