Monday, 17 August 2009

Stars, Cobwebs and Bags...

... were the order of my week. Last week was very productive, as these photos show. This first bag was one I started a couple of months ago and it is now finished. Cut from 4 fat quarters, plus a lining fabric, it's a great one for carrying A4 sized books, laptops and the general things you need for meetings, complete with very nifty pockets on the inside. A little time consuming to make, but well worth it. Made from aboriginal prints, hence the interesting fabric design, it's going to be a good useful bag. I will definitely be making another one or two of these as they are a great size and quite sturdy. The pattern is from Scrap Bags

Then, I looked out the window early one morning and thought rubbish had blown into our apple trees, but no, upon closer inspection, they were frozen cobwebs. Super pretty, they looked like finely spun glass when I looked through them into the rising sun. I had to change my angle of view to get them to look so clear in the photo.

And then I made another bag. A very, very simple pattern this one was. It is very large, with stiff wadding in it to make it stand up beside my chair. I finally, after 8 months, only need to carry one bag instead of 3 to my weekly and monthly quilt group sew sessions. It was made entirely from stash, which is why it has some of the same fabric as Einkauf Tasche that I made last year. I love it. Lightweight, practical, strong, and, if it ends up grubby, then I can toss it into the washing machine. Brilliant! The pattern for this bag has come from an online site called

Stars, stars, what stars? Oh, those down here at the very bottom of my post. Last week I had made the centre 4 stars of these 15in blocks, and now they are completed. Stars within stars in a Log Cabin setting. These 4 beauties complete month 1 of the Land of Liberty BOM. Month2 started on the weekend, but you'll have to wait one more week to see my completed block.

And then, in between all of this, I kept on plodding away at the Blue & White Cross Stitch. A very productive week was last week. Happy Sewing! xx Andrea

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Bizarre Quilter said...

WOW! The BOM stars look fabulous! I saw you carrying that bag Tuesday night, and wondered if I had seen it before - I usually see your hexagon house bag!! Lots of inspiring stuff here...