Saturday, 1 August 2009

Is Christmas Coming?

I got asked the other day if I had thought about Christmas Dinner! To which I replied "No". But apparently it's not that far away (6 months in my book is a long time - vbg) - oh dear.... Then I went shopping and had to stop by the Local Quilt Store (of course) and there was some general conversation about making Christmas presents. After I recovered from the thought of it, I realised it was a very sensible thing to be thinking of. The organised ones will not be rushing around at the last minute wondering if there is time to make one more thing or what to buy. So once again, I head for the UFO list and think about which UFO could make a present or two for someone and of course, there are a few.

The plus side of turning some UFOs - particularly the bags - into gifts for Christmas are

1. Stash Reduction
2. UFO Reduction
3. It's already paid for
4. The project becomes usable and lovable
5. I have an emtpy container for another project yet to be started
6. Satisfaction at completing something
7. Another one to show off on this blog
8. A quilting goal to focus on
9. I don't want to become an UFO Queen
10. Can't think of the 10th reason! :)

Below are a couple of pictures from a class I did in Foundation Piecing a few years ago. It was also the first thing I (domestic) machine quilted, so the edges are a bit wavy. I still, after all this time, love the tree in the middle. It was a fun project and I used all stash for it. I only had to buy the charms for the decorations.

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Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh yeah, I like this one. I can't see the charms.. Is this one on the "Hit List" or is it finished???