Saturday, 6 December 2008

Santa Claus and Baubles

OK - well you can't see Santa and the Baubles yet. All the wonders of modern technology don't work if you forget to charge the batteries! The camera is as flat as a tack. I will upload photos later when the camera is happier.

This week, I made 2 more baubles and a Santa Claus costume. DS1 was Santa in the school Christmas play and there were no boy costumes available anywhere, only the hats. One hat does not make a costume, so we went to the "cheap" clothes shop to buy a red long sleeve t-shirt and pants. I then sewed quilt wadding onto the clothes for the trim, cut a beard from wadding, a piece of black fabric for the belt and the middle of a cushion for the belly. He was seriously cute!

I have two goals for this coming week: 1 - complete the binding on einkauftasche (bag) and 2 - complete quilting, then bind and label a baby quilt. When these 2 projects are done, I can start 2 other baby quilts (from 1 jelly roll and a co-ordinating fabric), which will both be Irish Chain, ready for babies who are due to arrive in the first few months of next year.

Now it's off to pack my bag with some show and tell for the quilt meeting this afternoon which will be my last one here in Germany.


Bizarre Quilter said...

Awwww... no boy costumes anywhere? That is just wrong!!! Lucky you had some wadding!! LOL!!

I can't believe it's your last quilt meeting there... *sniff*...

Thank goodness for modern technology, you will be able to keep in touch and you can bet they'll come and visit sometime!!!


Bizarre Quilter said...

I took your tarot test. I was the moon. I don't want to display mine on the web. It looked a bit evil compared to yours!!