Saturday 1 April 2023

21 and Houses!

This is 3 of 3 for the 21st birthday quilts.  Oh, so much fun!  What's not to love about houses that look like Melbourne's bathing boxes on the foreshore?  

Starting with a free pattern that was generously provided by Moda Fabrics when the pandemic started and we all had to be "locked down" in 2020, I found the most perfect use for what was a recently indulgent purchase of a 300 piece x 5in squares batik pack.  

I thought with the 5in pack that I would have had enough fabric to make all the huts, but it wasn't to be and so into my stash I went, which thankfully gave me enough to complete all of the houses with no repeats.

So much glorious colour!  After laying out the colours and deciding what to pair with which one, the cutting began.  And there was lots and lots of cutting.

First up, I made all of the beach hut fronts.   Contrasting doors so that you will know where to enter.

Then I made all of the rooves, some with chimneys so that you know the fire will be burning during the colder months.

After all of the chain piecing and lots of sewing, suddenly the houses seemed to come together as entire units.  Each and every one is so gorgeous!

Then they needed to laid out.  It took quite a while to lay them out and get a colour balance that I was happy with.  Yes, there was input from the rest of the family during this process.  

This is a very happy quilt.  I kept on thinking of family, fun times and being outdoors while making the houses, so hopefully those thoughts have been infused into the quilt.

For the backing, I put together 2 large pieces from stash, which as you can see from the bottom corner, was not quite enough - oh oops!  I had intended to put the label on that odd corner piece, but as you can see in the photo, I inadvertently put the label on the top of the quilt... oh dear.  I didn't realise until after I had gifted the quilt and was looking at the photos that I had done that.  L said it didn't bother him, so that's okay.   Phew!

For the quilting, I quilted in the ditch along all of the long seams and then I used a tumbling hearts pattern from 'quilting made easy' for rows of houses, to symbolize heart and home.  In the border, I made a proper frame with a cable design, like the twist on a rope to echo the beach hut theme.

I used a light pale blue/white variegated cotton thread from  'wonderfil' on the top and the back.

Ta da.... here is the finished quilt.  In the bright sunlight, the houses are positively glowing, just like a sunny day at the ocean when the sun is reflecting onto beach huts.

L is very compassionate about others.  He is very empathetic to those who are struggling and has found a career supporting those who are less fortunate and are struggling.  Here is what I wrote on his quilt label: 

Village of Houses.  Your world is all about community, family and everyone mixing in together.   These little fun beach huts represent the awesomeness of diversity when you allow the doors to be opened up to new ideas and adventures.  We wish you so much love, happiness and joy as you make your path through life. 

To be able to make and gift quilts to boys who have grown up with my own boys into wonderful young men is truly humbling.  

Finished Quilt Size:  69in x 79.5in
Gifted in Feb 2023

Pattern can be found here.

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ButterZ said...

fantastic quilt. Well done Andrea.