Saturday 18 March 2023

21 and Black & White #1

Black and White is so much fun!  This quilt has so many snippets of fabrics from other quilts that I've made over the years, plus a few extra bits thrown in from one of my friends.  There's been quite a bit of conversation among a couple of online and in person groups that I belong to about black and white with a splash of colour quilts lately, that I thought I'd share this one, which holds a special place in my heart.

I always had a particular friend of my son in mind when making this quilt top, but wasn't sure when I would give it to him, then we were invited to his 21st birthday, and voila! there was the impetus to get this one finished.  

We first met M and his mum when T and I were both in the new "Mothers Group" when M was 4 months old and my son was 3 months old, so a lot of love and memories have been stitched into this quilt.

The blocks are wonderfully simple and so effective when making them, each one giving it's own "wow" factor.  When I took the photos, it was a very dull weather day, with little sun and the colours in the blocks just 'popped' with their own vibrancy.

As I was making the quilt top, I came to realise that it didn't really matter if the black and white merged slightly into grey, there was still contrast between the blocks, with the lime/avocado green binding pulling it all together.

The back is black piece of wide-back fabric with a tone-on-tone print.  I quilted this quilt with a variegated Raiman rayon thread on the front and a Madiera avocado/lime thread on the back, which looked so funky.  Unfortunately I did not get a close up of the quilting on the back.

Wrapped and ready for gifting with the label reading:  

Dear M....., may this quilt join for celebrations, commiserations and all the moments that life will throw at you.  Each time you use this quilt, our thoughts will be with you, gently guiding and supporting.
Finishing at 56in x 72in, it's a perfect size for a couch quilt. 

And... one last bragging moment - when M and his partner left the 21st venue, this quilt was the only gift he took home with him, leaving his mum to pack up and collect the rest of the gifts.  An act that truly melted my heart and resulted in having a happy tears hug with T.

Completed and gifted Oct 2022.
Pattern used can be found here

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ButterZ said...

Andrea, this is just a fun and wonderful quilt. How beautiful that it was to be taken home immediately and not left behind. It will be treasured.