Sunday, 27 August 2017

Buttons and Loose Ends

Sewing in loose ends and adding buttons has been on my radar this past week.

While looking for some hand-work to take along to sewing groups, I decided to dig into my knitting basket.  I found several items which simply needed ends sewn in and buttons and embellishments added.  They were actually sewn up, just not totally finished.

Here is what I worked on (and completed 100%!!!) these past 10 days while sitting, chatting and drinking coffee with friends...

Blue Green Vest
Knitted with Morris & Sons Quartet 8ply. 70%wool/30% soybean silk
Pattern:  Sirdar Escape DK #9263
Lovely soft yarn and super warm.  Perfect knitting on the very cold nights.  I am lucky there is still cold weather left to come so I can get some benefit wearing it this year.

Little Cardigan and Hat (to fit 6 months)
Knitted with Creative Fibres hand-dyed 100% New Zealand wool 8ply
Patterns:  Cardigan - Sirdar Snuggly Kisses DK pattern #1835
          Hat - from Big Baby Book 5 by Sue Batley-Kyle
Delightful, fun patterns to knit.  The flower just adds a touch of whimsy to a pretty cardigan for a little one.

Triangle Scarf
Knitted with Bendigo Woollen Mills - Bloom 100%wool
Pattern:  Bendigo Woollen Mills #8338 Murano
Once, I got 'into the groove' of the knitting, because you knit partial rows to make the triangles, it became very easy to knit.  Thoroughly enjoyed this one, even though I had a couple of goes at it while trying to understand how to start the pattern.

Knitted with Patons Jet and Patons Souffle
Pattern:  Wondoflex Yarns Ladies Wool and Mohair Garter Stitch Hat
A super fast knit with an extremely easy pattern.  Incredibly warm too with 12ply and 8ply yarns knitted together.  The mohair gives a lovely softness.

Textured Baby Jacket
Knitted with Heirloom Jigsaw 4ply  75%wool/25%nylon
Pattern:  Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply #1989
Simply delightful knitting.  The Heirloom yarn is so nice to touch and have in your fingers.  The pattern was lovely too with the changing textures in the knitting and the variegated yarn just added to the overall look and feel.

It has been very nice to find some space in my knitting basket and to get these few things completely finished.  Most of these will go into my gifting basket, except for the blue green vest, which is for me.

And... the long quilting list in my last post?  I am slowly working my way through it.  I have completed one item and worked on the others, but I think I may have been a tad over ambitious when I made that list.  However, it has given me good focus and for that I am grateful.  Slow but steady wins the race - or so they say! :)

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Jo said...

Love all those Knitted items. You do like veriagated yarns. I have made that scarf too.