Monday, 3 April 2017

Pink Pinwheels

Pinwheels, outside, in the sun, spinning in the breeze bring a smile to anyone's face.  Kids are delighted by them, adults watch the children's joy.  There is something delightfully whimsical about them.

An invitation to a High Tea and a request for silent auction items, was the prompt I needed to make a picture I had pasted into my 'one day' notebook a couple of years ago.  

It was also the perfect excuse to go and purchase all new fabrics and not use my stash for any of it.  So luxurious and lovely to have a little splurge in the quilt shop.

And I'm so in love with the backing fabric, flipping it over onto the front gives a lovely contrast.

All proceeds raised from the bidding and sale of Pink Pinwheels will go to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

Whimsy and little girls were in my mind when I made this pink pinwheel quilt.  I do have to confess, the colour scheme was not my idea.  I had spotted the picture online and then it took me ages to find it again so that I could give correct credit.

My inspiration was Pretty Pink Pinwheel as shown on this blog - Quilting is My Therapy.   

Now it's time to go outside and enjoy the breeze in the sun.....

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Jo said...

Oh so pretty. If you are going to the retreat ENJOY