Wednesday, 3 August 2016


 Each project needs its own time to shine - even if it was started way back in 2007!  I do firmly believe that each project seems to know when it needs to be completed.  Daylesford is a case in point.  I showed a photo of this quilt, (not quilted) to a shop and they loved it and wanted to know when it could be delivered to hang on their wall for a while - so a finish it became!

I have named this quilt Daylesford, because I received a small gift of the star fabrics at the now defunct 6-12 group retreat in October 2006.  We were staying in Daylesford for the weekend and it was our first time away together.  It was the wonderful friendship of that group and the continuing life-long friendships with those girls which made it easy to choose the "friendship star" block.

Here's a block close up:

Corner detail - yes there are 2 different shades of sashing/border print.  There was not enough on the bolt of either colourway, so I used both as best as I could.

Then, in another shop, they wanted a sample to showcase some newer, more 'modern' fabrics. 

Daylesford is a quilt which is truly full of happy memories and I am very pleased that it is now completed after all this time to give love and joy.


Moose-ings said...

It's a lovely quilt, holding lots of memories.

Jean Gemmell said...

Must agree some quilts just never get finished. Glad this one did.

Vic in NH said...

Kudos to you for getting it completed; it looks almost like a colorwash.

Jo said...

Good on you Andrea...