Monday, 12 January 2015

Whole-cloth Running......

About 2.5 years ago I purchased 3 FQ sized pre-printed whole-cloth panels to make a QAYG table runner with. 

One year ago - oops, upon checking, it was actually Two years ago that I quilted the panels, trimmed them and then set to putting on cover strips over the seams and the binding.  I didn't think about the cover strip size, I just cut it a 2.5in and attached it.  I was so unhappy with the appearance of the cover strips and how they seemed to overtake the quilt, that I put the whole thing aside in disgust.  

Last December, I set to unpicking the cover strips and the partially sewn binding.  Unpicking was all I achieved.  I was determined that during this month of January I would get my runner finished.  I re-cut the cover strips to finish at the same width as the binding and then attached them. 
Detail photo, showing the backing fabric.
I am so happy now with my completed project, that I am wondering why I didn't fix it up sooner.  For such a small project, it seemed to cause me a bit of grief for a while.  

There's no mistaking the wonderful feeling, my first completed or "done-done" project for 2015.  
The completed runner
Stats:     Size - 54in x 18in  (145cm x 45cm)
              Yardage used – 2.25yds (2.0m)
              Quilting – by me on my Domestic Sewing Machine with Rasant Threads

Very excited – I have a new runner for my table to go with the lovely new cloth that I purchased a couple of days ago.


Rockester said...

Lovely! I think wholecloths are so pretty. Bravo on finishing it. Kathy Aho in MN

Gwen said...

It really is beautiful! I've never seen small wholecloth panels. That would certainly be less overwhelming than a whole quilt! Gwen in VA

elliek said...

Well done on a finish. It is beautiful.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Well done! Looks great...