Monday, 22 December 2014

Work Christmas Gifting

At the beginning of 2014, I started working in a secondary school, which was completely new to me, in a role that was so far removed from anything I had ever done previously that I wondered what the heck I was doing at the end of the first week.  I am completely indebted to the person who took a chance on me after I went through the application process. 

After starting the job, I went 'back to school' to get a qualification.  I was thrown completely in the deep end while working and studying at the same time, but with some gentle guidance, I got through.  The team I work with are amazing.  I feel that they all supported me (and each other) 100% and I wanted to make a gift for them so that I could say 'thank you', without commercialism or being over the top.

Here's what they received - hand-stitched cross stitch bookmarks, with Australian Natives on them.
Dampiera, Wattle,Wax Lip Orchid and Isotoma

Grevillea, Flannel Flower, Emu and Rhododendron
Unfortunately, the mental list in my mind missed one person, so she will receive her gift when we start back at school/work after Christmas.  Yes, I did have a sinking feeling moment when I realized my error.

One present I didn't take a photo of is the hand-made bottle opener made from bicycle chain which I gave to the 'cool dude' of the team.  He received a different present because a cross-stitched bookmark for a 21 year old footy player would be a little too weird.

** Patterns for the bookmarks are from Danico Designs, Australia.


gudrun said...

Nice ideas, and lovely work.

elliek said...

Love the bookmarks.

Marilyn Evans said...

Great .. Jealous I am