Monday, 6 October 2014

Bali Stars

Star quilt blocks, Bali Batik fabrics, ideas needed for a new class to teach that should not be too large, a baby/lap quilt needed, teach some small piecing, oh you can guess what happened here....

Bali Stars was born, not yet quilted, but the binding is made, the backing sorted and the pattern has been written. 

Where I've had the fun of going to play (oops, I mean work) on a very casual basis, there was a delivery of new batik fabrics.  Oh me, oh my, they were gorgeous!

I have chosen some that were a bit brighter than what I would normally choose, but oh, they are so nice....

This was by far one of my most disorganized quilt classes and preparation ever.  I'm sure the two ladies from the class would agree - in my own words, I was atrocious!  It just reminds me that Quilters are wonderful women who are understanding when family and life events get in the way.  I am eternally grateful for their patience and understanding.

When I have decided upon a quilting design, I'll post a bit more about Bali Stars.  Now, the decision of choosing quilting threads begins!

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