Monday, 14 January 2013

Great Sewing Room Clean Up & Machine Trapunto

In light of lots of recent posts on a Yahoo group about having a clean and tidy workspace, I got motivated.  Too much clutter was really preventing me from wanting to even enter my sewing space, let alone sew.

Left:  The Magazine and Pattern Shelving

Right:  The Book/Project Shelf

For 3 days I folded, sorted and re-packed my fabrics, threads, patterns and whatever else was in that space.  Guess what? - the cupboard doors now work because they are not jammed up and there really is a floor in there! :)

I have taken out all clothing fabrics and patterns, not quite sure where they'll go yet, but it is such a relief to have finally admitted to myself that I am never going to do anything with them.  I will find someone who wants them sooner or later.

Right and Left:  Both Fabric Cupboards

The Four IKEA "Billy Bookcase" Shelving Units Together
My reward to myself?  I have just sewn the Three Free Motion Machine Whole-cloth 16.5in panels which I am doing with Trapunto.  They will be joined together to make a nice large runner for my dining table.

I have 4 projects out at the moment, in their boxes as my focus of what to work on that I can finish - using the theory of only working on 4 things at once:

a)    3 x Machine Trapunto Whole-cloth Panels (for my table) (see photos right)
b)    Quilted Shoulder Bag/Purse (present)
c)    Alphabet Animals Panel to quilt for a baby (due March); and
d)    Japanese 4 patch QAYG 80in sq quilt.

Only d) is on my Project Database list as part of an UFO challenge, but that's OK, because I have decided to work on what comes to the top of the pile, as eventually I would like to finish every project in my sewing room.  If I have all of the fabric and threads in bag/box in the sewing room and don't need to buy a thing, it's a project, started or not and it's all stash until it becomes a project.

I am now contented and can see a way forward.  My UFOs are not weighing me down any-more, I have gorgeous projects and purpose.

Thank you all for 'listening'.

* - UFO = Un-Finished Object
 - QAYG = Quilt As You Go

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Jindi's Cottage said...

Ah the satisfaction of a sewing room restructure, nothing like a clear path to get the stitches flowing again...really liking the trapunto whole cloth, it is going to look fabulous on your dining room table...xx