Monday, 24 December 2012

I used Green!

For those who know me, I am really very much a 'blue' person when it comes to colour.  However, in a change of taste I suppose you would call it, I knitted up something in Green!

TA DA - here it is.....  A very Green Shawl.

The entire shawl with the yarn label.

Knitted with Panda Astraka (300g = 300m)  - 100% acrylic on 8mm circular needles and knitted in stocking stitch, making a different texture on each side.

I really like the effect of 'tiger stripes' in the yarn as it knits up.

1 single ball of yarn = 1 shawl.   So very, very easy.

A close up to show the texture.

The shawl has been gifted to a friend who is having a major life change and moving away so that on a cool evening she can wrap it around herself and know that her friends are close by in her heart.

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