Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tropical Dreaming

Finally something finished to post about!  Some 2 months after I publicly announced how wonderful I would be at finishing projects this year, I have had my first finish - complete with a label.

This quilt is called Tropical Dreams. 

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I had a go at competing in a Jelly Roll Challenge. The theme was dreams. When I saw the Bali Pop “Spumoni”, I thought of nights in the tropics, with all the lush colours of the rainforest and waterfalls around me. So I challenged myself to come up with a pattern that would let me slip away into ‘holiday’ mode of no stress and yet allow me to make a quilt top in one day.  This quilt “Tropical Dreams” is the result.

While I got absolutely no-where with the Jelly Roll Challenge, I completed the quilt to make a wonderful lap quilt, so that I can dream of a tropical holiday in the rainforest!

 Above, the front of the quilt and, below, the back of the quilt.
And, true to form when publishing to my blog - the photos turn out sideways...  sheesh.......


Noreen said...

Nice, Andrea!

Tania said...

Hi Andrea, lovely quilt. I too made a great public announcement on my blog about everything I was going to finish this year too! Oh well, it's only March, we still have 9 months to go..... Hope to catch up with you for a coffee soon, Love Tania

Bizarre Quilter said...

Ahhhh.... a finish! Love it!

quiltncat said...

That is gorgeous! I love big blocky patterns like this and your colors are beautiful.