Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

When I signed into my blog today, I didn't realise quite how much time had passed since my last post - what happened to the last 4 months? However, I have not been idle! After Christmas, there will be several postings of my 'show and tell' where you can share what I have been making as the gifts will be with their new owners and I don't have to be secretive anymore.

The last couple of weeks have been really lovely with shared dinners, BBQs and catching up with people. The true spirit of Christmas is in the sharing of simple things, with friends and family and just enjoying each others company.

Thankfully the weather has finally warmed up and the kids have been able to run around with the rain-water tank hose in the yard and make mud pies in the sand pit - a blessing(?) of being completely self-sufficient and not a town water supply.

Here is my Christmas tree, complete with two Santas and Mrs Claus whom I made a few years ago.

With good tidings, I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to sharing more 'quilty' and 'crafty' things with you in the new year.

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