Monday, 26 October 2009

UFO #40 is a buggy affair...

... along with some Turtles and Paw Prints too. This is a very bright quilt. Not my usual type of colour scheme, but the Mum that it's for is a very 'colourful' person, that is, she loves colour and lots of it.
Made with an Irish Chain Pattern and some interesting fabrics, both the front and the back of the quilt look pretty good. I quilted it with an all over open stipple with a variegated thread as I knew that cross-hatch would look terrible on the back becasue it wouldn't line up with the blocks.
The quilt front (above) and the quilt back (below).Now that's 4 down and 36 to go on my UFO list! LOL!


Bizarre Quilter said...

YAY!!! congratulations. This is a bright quilt for a bright baby... I can tell. :)

Bizarre Quilter said...

So, what have you been sewing lately then?