Monday, 17 November 2008

Stained Glass...

...well not the real stuff, but a quilted Stained Glass, using the "Stack'n'Slash" technique. Furll of Aircraft Fabric. I made this quilt for DHs 45th Birthday. The centre panel is from a pattern in Australian Quilters Companion - issue 26. It was perfect for the fabrics and as it was Quilt As You Go, I was able to showcase the individual fabrics in large pieces on the back.

Flying Free
Looking out the window
You can see the planes flying
In the freedom of the skies.
Where the eagles dare,
The planes have soaring adventures
Diving, turning, aerobatic stunts
Living only for the moment
In that undefined space
Between the outer world and earth

I also managed to finish off a small circular sewing bag, that has been waiting for 3 years to have 2 button holes added to thread the cord through. Pretty happy to have 2 finishes of projects in one day!
Tomorrow is Monday, wonder if I can start another UFO project that has been hanging around for a couple of years? Or should I finish the large carry all bag which needs a lot of binding attached? Not sure, let's see how I feel tomorrow morning. What I need to do is prepare a submission for my Creative Writing Group on Monday week as my turn has come around again, so maybe not much sewing or new writing, but a re-work of a previous piece. Watch this space to see what happens next!


Nicole and Phil said...

just gorgeous!!!!
Love the Xmas balls too!
the trip to Cologne is looking pretty good...we are working out our time at the moment!
I am trying to convince this certain friend of yours to join the gym that I go we can meet up as well! She's lovely!!!

Bizarre Quilter said...

It's great to see the before and after shots. How exciting!! A new technique and type of quilt that doesn't affect the impact of your special prints.

I just noticed everything has changed to English! It's sooo much easier!!!

You will probably get more comments now because people don't have to guess which bit is "post a comment". LOL!!